Using a game to teach students how to evaluate sources



“Truth” by PDPics on Pixabay

I’ve just learned about a web-based game called Factitious that tests your ability to distinguish between real and fake news stories. You are shown a news article and can click to reveal the source. Then you swipe left if you think it’s fake, and swipe right if you think it’s real. The game tells you if you were correct, and then shows you the clues contained in the article that can help you decide on its veracity, and explains things about each source: e.g. The Onion is a satire website and doesn’t publish real news, and The Guardian is a well-known, reliable British news source.

I’m going to get my students to play this game before we talk about how to evaluate sources for research. I think they’ll enjoy it, and they’ll definitely learn a lot and get to practice their BS-detecting skills.

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