dog walk podcasts #10

It’s been great dog walking weather! And now that I’m on my summer break I am able to take him for plenty of walks during the week as well as on weekends.

dog wearing party hat

I look good in a fascinator, don’t you think?

Here are some of the great podcast episodes I’ve listened to lately:

Reply All:

#99: Black Hole New Jersey–a teenage girl sells her Apple Watch on an eBay-type site, but discovers the “buyer” has actually hacked someone else’s account and she is in danger of losing her Apple Watch AND not getting paid. Alex tracks down the package to a suspicious address that receives hundreds of packages per month from the local post office.

#86: Man of the People–in 1917, a young doctor named John Brinkley decided to expand his business by hawking virility treatments to the local farmers. The procedure was called “the goat gland treatment” and involved implanting goat testicles into the patient’s scrotum. Around the same time, commercial radio began to be a thing. This episode is about what happens when a charlatan gets hold of a seductive new medium…and even though it’s about events from 100 years ago, some of it might be eerily familiar to us living in 2017.


#3: Tara–“Jonathan watched a short experimental video in college in which a little girl sat in silence while her parent sobbed. Now, Jonathan wants to know if that girl is okay.”

This American Life:

#618: Mr. Lie Detector–Meet Douglas Williams, the former polygraph operator who realized that lie detector tests don’t actually work and became an anti-polygraph activist.

Slate Audio Book Club:

Discussion of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale

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