dog walk podcasts #8

imageCriminal–Episode #53: Melinda and Judy: At age seven, Melinda Dawson found out she had been adopted as a newborn. When Melinda was an adult, she and her mother went looking for the truth behind the clinic she was adopted from. The search led them both to very unexpected (and tragic) places. [This is part one of two; the conclusion is in Episode #54, Melinda and Clarence.]

This American Life–Episode #600: Will I Know Anyone at This Party? Even non-Americans like me have not been able to escape discussion of the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Party. In this episode, Zoe Chace looks at some of the elements that paved the way for the deep divide between Republicans who support Trump and those who do not.

SRSLY Podcast–Episode #62: Reviews of Netflix’s Amanda Knox biopic, Solange Knowles’ album A Seat At The Table, and the 1950s period drama The Bletchley Circle.

Answer Me This–Episode #342: Pathological Liars, The Oscars Curse and Supergroups: What do you do if your friend is dating a pathological liar? Helen and Olly give advice.

Radiolab–Alpha Gal: A 40 year old woman tries to unravel the medical mystery that has caused her to suddenly be violently allergic to meat.

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