dog walk podcasts #7


  • This American Life–Episode #597: One Last Thing Before I Go: A Japanese phone booth where people can speak to their dead loved ones; Jonathan Goldstein tries to connect with loved ones who are still alive.
  • This American Life–Episode #598: My Undesirable Talent: An upstanding young college student leads a double life as a nocturnal thief with Spider-Man climbing skills; a young African-American man with a talent for impersonation reinvents himself as Ugandan aristocracy when he goes to college.
  • Monster Talk–Episode #114: Demon Dolls: An interview with Dr. Cori Convertito, Curator of the Key West Art and Historical Society at the Fort East Martello Museum, discussing Robert, America’s most famous haunted doll.
  • Selected Shorts–Dogs and Cats: features Richard Russo’s short story “Dog” read by Stephen Lang, and Saki’s “Tobermory” read by Rene Auberjonois.



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