dog walk podcasts #5


  • Radiolab–The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist: The story of a young woman’s struggle to obtain a legal identity after being raised by parents subscribing to the sovereign citizens movement. (Here is a clear in-depth explanation of this movement from the Southern Poverty Law Centre.)
  • The latest episode of the SRSLY podcast (the new pop culture podcast from the New Statesman).
  • The Moth–George Lombardi & Mary Navarre: “A young doctor is whisked halfway across the globe to care for an ailing international religious icon, and a Catholic school dropout searches for meaning.”
  • Beautiful/Anonymous–Episode 14: Jack Mormon: This episode’s anonymous caller is a Mormon man who is having doubts about his faith.
  • Reply All–Episode 76: Lost in a Cab: When Liz lost her camera in a NYC cab, she didn’t realize she’d be going down a strange internet rabbit hole by trying to find it again.



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