dog walk podcasts #4


Yes, these posts are partly an excuse to add cute pictures of our dog! But I really do listen to all these podcasts while walking him.

  • This American Life–Deep End of the Pool: “Stories of people who find themselves in over their heads.” Includes an account of a private injury and malpractice lawyer (i.e. NOT a criminal defense attorney) suddenly assigned to be a public defender for a man accused of a crime he says he didn’t commit.
  • The Moth Radio Hour–Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food: Stories from Adam Gopnik, David Chang, and Lisa Lampanelli about the effects of food and meals on their life.
  • The Moth–Shalom Auslander and Jeanette Walls: an Orthodox Jewish son discovers his father’s pornography collection; a woman comes to terms with her mother
  • The Moth–Breaking Up in the Age of Google: Jessi Klein talks about the perils of Googling your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend
  • This Is Actually Happening–Episode 78: What if you narrowly escaped with your life? (Warning: domestic violence and kidnapping)
  • Reply All–Episode #69: Disappeared: The man who broke the internet; the amazing and little-known influence of “ball culture” and Paris is Burning on today’s internet lexicon
  • Everything is Stories–Episode #9: Practices of Enfreakment: actor and performance artist Mat Fraser speaks about the relationship between art, disability, and activism

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