dog walk podcasts #3


What I listened to this week:

    • Death, Sex & Money–Your Death, Sex & Money Short Stories – Live!: Sam Underwood reads David Sedaris’ “Road Trips”, and Kathleen Chalfant reads Anne Enright’s “Until the Girl Died.”
    • Dear Prudence–The “Little Red Hen” Edition: Mallery Ortberg and guest Dan Kois give listeners advice, including what to do when a long-forgotten high school boyfriend’s obituary lists you as the “love of his life.”
    • Love + Radio–The Man In the Road: Late one night in 1967, good Samaritan Melvin Dummar rescued a bloodied man lying in the middle of an empty Utah highway. That night would change Dummar’s life forever.
    • The Moth Radio Hour–Moth Eaten: Adventures In Food: Adam Gopnik, David Chang, and Lisa Lampanelli talk about their relationship with food and meals.
    • Rumble Strip Vermont–Vermont Private Eye: Host Erica Heilman has a conversation with Susan Randall, the private eye who trained her.
    • Reply All–Episode 74: Making Friends: “This week, a story about people who start hearing voices in their heads. But, instead of trying to get rid of the voices, they try to make more. Reporter Laura Klivans has the story.”

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