parts of speech review–kinaesthetic activity

I almost feel silly writing this out because it seems so obvious, but Friday was the first day I ever used this review technique with my literacy learners.

It worked really well:

  • I could literally see which parts of speech my students were having the most trouble with (and which students were having the most trouble)
  • they could collaborate to come up with the right answer, or could adjust their answer if they observed classmates doing something different
  • because it’s a physical activity, it helps kinaesthetic learners.


Parts of Speech Review–Kinaesthetic Activity

  1. Quickly review parts of speech–I did noun, verb, adjective because my students are at a level where these three are plenty, but you could add others.
  2. Have students write lists of random words on small sheets of paper (approximately 1/2 sheet letter sized paper). They can write anything they like, no restrictions.
  3. While students are writing, clear a large space at the front of the classroom and write these words on the board: noun, verb, adjective. Space them out so one is at the far right hand side, one is in the middle, and one is on the far left. (Add others if you are reviewing them too, but make sure they’re spaced out well.)
  4. Collect the students’ word lists and have them gather at the front of the room. Remind them to be careful not to trip on each other!
  5. Explain that you will read words from their word lists and they have to gather in front of the correct part of speech category: noun, verb, or adjective.
  6. They can collaborate and ask each other if they’re not sure. What will usually happen is most people will head over to the right category, others will stand under different categories and then start to question their choice; there will be a short discussion and the group will figure out which choice is right.
  7. Monitor errors and if students seem to be having trouble, do quick verbal review of the part of speech.
  8. That’s it!

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