Gender Neutral Washroom at CNC


Our college has now re-labelled the wheelchair accessible single-stall washrooms as “gender neutral washrooms.” Progress!

Here is a good article on about why gender-neutral washrooms are important:

Using a public washroom isn’t something most folks whose gender identity matches the gender they were assigned at birth ever really think about. This privilege is not shared by trans* people. For people who don’t conform to gender norms, whose gender isn’t man or woman or even trans* people who don’t pass as their desired gender, choosing which bathroom to use is all too often a lose-lose situation. [“Why Gender Neutral Bathrooms Matter”]

2 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Washroom at CNC

  1. mworfolk says:

    Me too! I really like that something as simple as replacing a few signs can help people feel more respected and cared about. Sometimes I see discussions of how it’s “too difficult and costly” to make changes in the name of inclusion, but this shows it’s sometimes just a reframing of current resources that is necessary.

    I also liked that it was done with pretty much no fanfare, which to me implies it was done for the purpose of inclusion instead of to get applause about how inclusive we are. I didn’t actually even know it was in the works until I saw the new signs. I guess it’s possible there was a press release that I didn’t see, or that someone forgot to send one out, but I’ll give my college the benefit of the doubt this time 😉

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