Adult learners in peril in BC, written by Dave Smulders

Vancouver Community College instructor Dave Smulders has written an excellent letter to the provincial government about why the move to charge tuition for people who are doing adult upgrading is “nothing less than a tax on the mind.” It’s a wonderful letter and I encourage you to read the entire thing.

Adult Basic Education is a Basic Right

Dave Smulders, Vancouver Community College ABE instructor, speaks out for ABE upgrading students. He emphasizes that all adult upgrading students deserve full support from our government and that these learners, ‘… are working to better themselves and when they do so through advancement to other educational opportunities (tuition-charging ones no less) and new and rewarding career pathways, they not only better themselves, they better their societies. We are all beneficiaries of their efforts.”  Read the full letter below:

Adult learners in peril in BC

Earlier this month, the BC Ministry of Advanced Education announced that it has improved access to grant funding for low-income students wanting to improve their educational standing at the high school level, including English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. This happy dispatch masks the more alarming reality that funding has in fact been cut off for many adults, both those needing ESL instruction and those…

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