Book Review: Indigenous Poetics in Canada, Ed. Neil McLeod

[I received an advance review copy from Wilfrid Laurier University Press via NetGalley and a copy of this review is on my page of the NetGalley site and on Goodreads.]

This collection of essays features a variety of approaches: interviews with poets, personal reflections by poets and authors, academic literary analysis. I found the personal reflections by poets to be the most effective and affecting. My students are not quite at the academic level to grapple with the most academic writing in this collection, but I did find a couple of essays that may prepare them to engage with Indigenous poetry: Daniel David Moses’ “Getting (Back) to Poetry, A Memoir,” and Rosanna Deerchild’s “My Poem Is An Indian Woman.” I might also use Lillian Allen’s “Poetics of Renewal: Indigenous Poetics–Message or Medium?” and Lee Maracle’s “Indigenous Poetry and the Oral” for my own preparation and background knowledge before teaching the subject.

Overall, this is a thoughtfully put together anthology that highlights dynamic voices in contemporary Indigenous writing.

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