Useful Science: education research

This blog summarizes published research into short headlines that link back to the studies themselves. The categories include creativity, education, health, fitness, happiness, nutrition, parenting, persuasion, productivity and sleep.

From the “about” page:

Science is useful in daily life; we’re making it easy to find. From improving ADHD symptoms to exercising better and even optimizing noise levels for creativity, we’ll tell you about it in 5 seconds or less.

A sampling from the “education” category (you knew I’d go there immediately, of course!):

Aging adults who are bilingual since childhood outperform their monolingual peers when switching between tasks.

Fiction readers who favored romance or suspense novels showed greater abilities to detect verbal and nonverbal emotional cues in others.

The number of words a child hears by age three correlates to academic achievement, IQ, and language ability in later years.

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