a report on the social value of a shared reading program (Get into Reading) in Wirral, Merseyside, UK

The SROI [social return on investment] evaluation found that Get into Reading created reading communities, where weekly get-togethers had resulted in new friendships, a newfound love of literature and acceptance of others. For most stakeholders, the positive changes experienced as a direct result of Get into Reading were related to: social factors, mental health, health and wellbeing, confidence and new skills. There were many outcomes associated with these changes that were often interlinked. These included socialising more often, which for some led to learning or gaining new skills. Confidence and empathy was reported as occurring as a result of the sessions which led to better understanding and acceptance of others and consideration of their views. Many reported that the groups were akin to a support group, where stakeholders could easily and comfortably discuss their thoughts with others. Often group attendees felt relaxed and stress-free after sessions, and actively looked forward to weekly sessions.

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