possible directions for this education leave project

Originally I thought I might like to interview people who have already implemented reading groups in their community or agency, and talk to them about their experiences–how they got the idea, what kinds of preparation they did to implement the reading group/book club, what went well, what they’d do differently. I thought this might be useful information in case agencies in Prince George wanted to implement their own reading groups. I still think this would be good information, but now I think I would like to shift my focus to gathering information about whether agencies in Prince George might be interested in starting reading groups. There are several book clubs run by the Prince George Public Library, but as far as I can tell, several of the large social service providers (e.g. the Native Friendship Centre) do not currently have reading groups. What I would like to do now is more of a needs assessment. I will continue to do my lit review and add to the running annotated bibliography that I have started, but I would also like to begin thinking about a needs assessment in the community. Just playing around with some ideas, I am envisioning the following:

1) contact the agencies/organizations in this post to find out if any of them currently have, or have had in the past, formal reading groups or book clubs
2) get a contact list of people in the community who would be most likely to consider the need/desire for a reading group
3) get them together and present my findings so far on the benefits of group reading and some possible models for reading groups
4) ask them if they would be interested in implementing such groups
5) provide them with a how-to document, or at least a list of resources for starting a reading group

I don’t want to take on an enormous project, but I can see that there might well be some room for these sorts of interventions that, for example, The Reader Organisation and its Get Into Reading program have started in the UK.

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