Program: Get Into Reading (The Reader Organisation)

Get Into Reading, a program developed by the UK group The Reader Organization

Guardian UK article, The Reader Organisation: a mutual improvement society for modern times (June 27, 2012)

Irish Times article about “Get Into Reading,” The power of words.

The Reader Organisation’s training program for facilitators, Read to Lead

Journal articles about Get Into Reading and The Reader Organisation:

Davis, J. (2009). Enjoying and enduring: Groups reading aloud for wellbeing. The Lancet (373)9665, 714-715.

Dowrick, C., Billington, J., Robinson, J., Andrew Hamer, A., Williams, C. (2012). Get Into Reading as an intervention for common mental health problems: Exploring catalysts for change. Medical Humanities (38)1, 15-22.

Tomkins, J. (2009). The reading cure. Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care (35)2, 73.

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